Diskette I/O

Read only


EISA settings

Configuration changes

Lock configuration

Enable changes

Diskette boot control

Allow override

Disallow override

Configuration retention

Erase configuration

Use current configuration

Password security features

S1 determines whether the Flash ROM can be updated or not.

Disable passwords

Allow passwords

S4 allows EISA Configuration diskette boot control override. The default position is OFF, disabling override.

S2 allows EISA Configuration information to be changed. The default position is OFF, allowing configuration changes.

S3 sets the diskette drive head for read or read/write. The default position is OFF, allowing read/write.

S5 turns off the power-on password and administrator password security feature. The default position is OFF, enabling the security feature.

S6 allows for the erasure or retention of current EISA Configuration in memory. The Default position is OFF, disabling erasure.

Flash ROM updates

Allow updates

Disallow updates

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