SlideGo is the most complete slide editor targeting not only presentation but also SlideDocs concept, where you can present your ideas in slide formats, and still utilize all functionality of a presentation software, like Powerpoint. Below are some most used features, but the list is not exhausted.


SlideGo Editor is built in HTML and javascript, to work in your browser. It supports all advanced features of a presentation application like Powerpoint, but no download or install is needed.


SlideGo content plays perfectly in mobile devices like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry... They retain the same interactivities and multimedia like on desktop. The editor also works on mobile.

Present Live

SlideGo allow you to broadcast your content live, where every audience will see the exact content as you move it, at each animated step. The live content is delivered in original format, so no change in quality and no delay.

Present Offline

All content is HTML, so you can download it and play anywhere. Whether it is for your desktop, for iPad, or to upload it to Dropbox. You can also embed it in mobile app, like Apple iBook.

Powerpoint Compatible

You can convert content from Powerpoint, so there's no need to rebuild new ones from scratch. Once converted, you could still use SlideGo Editor to edit it, to add new slides, new shapes or animation.

Collaborative Editing

SlideGo Editor allows multiple users editing the same slide concurrently. This is great for learning, for example students can work together on one project.


You can embed content as LTI in Moodle, or other LMS. Create a quiz in SlideGo, have students attempt it, then view result in Moodle gradebook.


SlideGo works well with Edmodo. Add SlideGo as an application in your Edmodo app, and see the content is fully integrated to easily share with your students.