About SlideGo

Our Platform

  • An online place for visual learning.
  • Powered by a comprehensive yet easy to use editor.
  • Fully compatible and convertible from Powerpoint.
  • Support animation, multimedia, master slides.
  • Build custom interactivities like games and quizzes.
  • Support collaborative editing.
  • Utilizing the powerful HTML5 format, content can be shared quickly, without any restrictions, no download, no install.

Our Value

  • Ideal for teaching, presenting and publishing.
  • Free for educational use.
  • Build once and use universally on your desktop and your mobile.
  • Users can apply their existing Powerpoint skill set.
  • What makes SlideGo different from other presentation sites? You are not making traditional presentation, but using slide format, with all dynamic and interactive functionalities, to present your idea.

Our Company

SlideGo is a small business based in Singapore.