How it works?

Convert Powerpoint to HTML5

Powerpoint is de-facto universal document editor. It is popular in schools for lessons or student projects. You can levitate Powerpoint power by uploading to SlideGo and convert to HTML5. Intended designs and interactivities are retained, they just become more portable to share on all devices.

Edit in Slide Editor

Use SlideGo Slide Editor to edit your converted presentations online, or to make new ones from scratch. You can continue to apply the same Powerpoint knowledge, just no longer require a PC. Most Powerpoint features are supported. It works perfectly on touch devices.

Sample Decks Converted from Powerpoint

Bullet Points Kills

A sample with animations, audio, auto-advance and custom shows.

by Dimitri Roman


Complex triggers from hundreds of animations.

by Horton
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Cirle Area Proof

A model math lesson built in Powerpoint.

by Mr. A
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PPT 2007 Torture Test

Feature tests to compare conversion output with original.

by Webinar Success
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